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About Us

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The Mission of the Teach India Project is to work with educators and parents to create global studies, multicultural and diversity programs so that our children can live, work and contribute confidently and responsibly in an increasingly interconnected world.


We provide educators with tools and resources for global awareness, multicultural and diversity education and give parents of the Indian Diaspora a cultural literacy resource.

We believe that globally aware students will go beyond the basic understanding that global issues of economics, environment and equity affect all of us.  Students who fully identify as global citizens will realize their role in the world community that their actions have global consequences and that this carries a big responsibility.

We support educators in providing opportunities for multicultural and diversity programming.  Multiculturally literate students value diversity, understand the perspectives of other cultural groups, and are sensitive to issues of bias, racism, prejudice, and stereotyping.  Further, multicultural programming validates the experience of students of diverse backgrounds and helps them maintain connections to their cultural communities.  As changes in places far away ripple through our lives, all students need the skills required to actively engage beyond their cultural borders.  Students will deepen their knowledge of India, acquire the knowledge and frameworks and open mindedness to generalize from the study of this area and be able to apply that learning in all aspects of their lives.

We offer parents of the Indian Diaspora a slate of lessons about India in a secular context.  Our purpose is to develop cultural literacy so that parents and children share a broad range of specific knowledge (about India) that makes good communication possible.  We hope to go beyond learning that one might acquire from a textbook to real life that is interwoven with art, expression, history and experience.  We want our children to have the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to function effectively within their own cultural communities, within the cultures of whichever country they live in, and in the global community. 

We execute our Mission in the following ways:

  • We use technology and the internet to reach the most people in the most cost effective way, our website is the repository of our lessons and resources.
  • We create, collate, collaborate and present lessons about India for grades K-12 on our website.
  • We publish The Online Newsletter of the Teach India Project.
  • We will offer professional development opportunities for educators that include workshops, seminars, online forums, travel study tours and the creation of teaching kits.  Through these programs we channel scholarship about India to K-12 educators.
  • We assist organizations such as schools and school districts, universities and museums in creating global education programming.

Teach India Project is a 501(c)3 organization.