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Global Studies and the K to 12 Educator

Keywords Teachers, educators K to 12, professional development, teacher training, teachers-in-training, in-service teachers, curriculum design, standards based education, curriculum frameworks, community outreach, parent involvement, school-home communication, global studies, STEM, ELA, social studies, art.

Global study is the study of political, economic, social and cultural relationships of the world. We believe that the reality of globalization necessitates that educators and students be well-educated in global studies.

How we can assist

We understand that developing global studies programs is a complex and time-consuming process.

To assist you with this process, we will work with you to offer programs in the following areas:

We can also offer you packaged teaching kits, and lessons from our website. Either can be customized to your specific needs.

Working within your frameworks we will bring you cost effective and technology driven solutions.

All our programs discuss ways for teachers to explore connections to common core standards, their state curriculum standards and connections across disciplines and subjects. 

Content areas

The regional focus of the programs will be on India.

Subject areas for the programs include, but are not limited to history, geography, government, literature, art, art history and religion.

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Technology driven solutions

Teach India Project is a virtual, online organization and has used technology as it's basis of work since its inception. We incorporate technology such as blogs and online discussions into program delivery. The idea is to allow participants to collaborate as an online learning community in order to facilitate learning beyond the classroom.

Let's get started!

As a first step in assisting you with your global studies programs, we can:

  • Perform a needs-assessment study around curriculum and teaching resources, and current professional development programs.

  • Conduct interviews/discussions with various stakeholders to understand the gaps and needs of global studies programs in your school/school district

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Swati Dave
Director of Global Studies K to 12 and the Educator Initiative


Professional development programs for educators

The workshops and lecture demonstrations offered as part of the Professional Development programs for K to 12 educators are based on the following three themes:

  • Cultural Explorations: Traditions, Music, Art and Folk Life
  • Modern India
  • Discover Vedic Math:  A fast, easy and fun way to do math

Additionally, there are sessions that are stand-alone offerings such as:

  • Three lessons mapped to the NCSS national standards for social studies

  • Cultural Parenting: A parent workshop

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Curriculum design

Assistance in curriculum design will:

  • Identify areas to integrate global studies into the curriculum

  • For the identified areas, research primary source materials, outline the content and develop instructional methods to deliver the content.

  • Identify and acquire resources to assist existing global studies programs in classrooms

  • Seek parent and other community stakeholder support for global studies curriculum development

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Community outreach to promote parent involvement

Outreach in the community to promote parent involvement in global studies programs will incorporate ways to:

Work with your school district to design and implement culturally-sensitive interventions for creating and improving school-to-parent and parent-to-school communication and interaction through:

  • Seminars

  • Newsletters

  • Panel discussions

  • Support groups

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Updated April 2013