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Teaching Kits

Please contact us here for information about our Teaching Kits.

Teaching kits discuss ways for teachers to explore connections to common core standards, their state curriculum standards and connections across disciplines and subjects.  This is a rich vein of material for teachers to tap into.

A Teaching Kit with a focus on citizenship
A Teaching Kit
Based on the book, "Lily's Garden of India" by Jeremy Smith
The focus is citizenship
Teaching Kit - Age old trade relationships
 A Teaching Kit
Salem Trade - Artifacts From India    
Connections between the two countries and people who traveled go back many centuries.  
Teaching Kits being delivered to a school district office
Kits being delivered to the  Burlington, MA School District in June 2006

Contents of a Kit

Our Teaching Kits are designed to be self contained so that the teacher can open a box and find everything for a lesson.  Each Kit contains:

·         A study guide
·         Artifacts 
·         Books for guided reading
·         Lesson plans
·         Games
·         Power Point presentations
·         All materials on CDs
·         Music
·         Classroom display materials